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Some of the nicest beaches are located in Guanacaste, both near the Santa Elena Peninsula and Santa Rosa National Park as well as in the Central Nicoya Peninsula. Other beautiful beaches are in Manuel Antonio and of course, in the colorful and charming South Caribbean, including Playa Chiquita, Uva, Cahuita, Puerto Vargas and many more.


Guanacaste is world know for its many beautiful beaches, from black sand exotic ones, to white sanded ones, coves and bays. Guanacaste`s main attraction actually is its beaches, from Bahia Junquillal to Playa Carrillo.

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is considered one of the most beautiful white sand beach destinations in Costa Rica. Playa Biesanz, Espadilla, Espadilla Sur, Puerto Escondido and other beautiful beaches are all in Manuel Antonio or even within the National Park.

South Caribbean

The ones between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo are probably the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. White sand, palm trees, tropical rainforest, wildlife, crystal clear water and visibility as good as 100 feet make it a truly dream destination. Famous beaches include Playa Chiquita, Uvita, Cocles and more.


The beaches between Cahuita and Puerto Vargas are absolutely stunning and beautiful. It is all about white sand beaches, palm trees, tropical rainforest, national parks, monkeys and clear blue and green water.

Mal Pais and Santa Teresa

Mal Pais and Santa Teresa are located on the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. The area has amazing white sand beaches, great surfing, coves and little bays towards Mal Pais and longer more open beaches in the areas around Santa Teresa. The area is still very natural and enchanting. Montezuma is a very beautiful and natural beach destination, here you will find tropical lifestyle, nature, easy going development.


Playa Tamarindo is a famous and developed beach community that became famous because of the beauty of its beach, or beaches. Playa Tamarindo has some beautiful white sand beaches, and including the Marino Ballena National Park and Playa Grande Beach ( north but in the same bay ), it is a region where nature is still very present


Playa Conchal is one of Guanacaste `s most beautiful beaches. It has a very white sand, and a still natural and virgin surroundings, at least in more than half of the area. There are plenty of hotels and a large resort in the area.


Playa Famingo is a beautiful whiten sand beach located in Guanacaste. It is a preferred bathing and beach vacation destination, with plenty of hotels and resorts in the area, as well as restaurants options. You can enjoy great snorkeling, and even surfing near the southern end of the beach.

Nosara / Pelada

The beaches of Nosara, including Playa Nosara, Pelada, Guiones and Ostional are still among the most natural and undeveloped beaches in Guanacaste. The locals, neighbors and even developers have a agreed on a more sustainable and low impact development for the entire area. Something that benefits tourism as well.

San Juanillo

San Juanillo is perhaps the most beautiful beach in Guanacaste. There are three white sand beaches, separated by rocks and little coves are truly a natural beach paradise. Few hotels are in the area.

Playa Grande

Playa Grande is a preferred surfing beach. It is basically the same beach as Playa Tamarindo Beach, but separated by the river mouth or estuary Estero de Tamarindo. Grande has few shades, and it might seem a little hostile, especially during the hot sunny hours, but it is great for nature observation and surfing.


Playa Avellanas Beach, south of Tamarindo Bay, is yet another beautiful beach of Guanacaste. Great surfing, a large river mouth with mangrove forests and lots of wildlife is abundant.


Playa Samara Beach is a large beach in Central Guanacaste. White light sand, little waves, it has become a favorite bathing, tanning, nature and beach destination. Lots of smaller hotels are within the little town, and restaurant are abundant. Plenty of tours and activities are offered in the area.


Playa Carrillo Beach is a large protected bay located south of Samara. It is a very safe beach, and therefore chosen among many tourists that look for little waves, little currents and nature. Tours, hotels and restaurants are also available in the area of Carrillo.

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