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Las Baulas

Las Baulas National marine National Park is located along the beaches of Playa Ventanas, Cabo Velas, Tamarindo and Langosta Beach, including the majority of the Tamarindo Estuary mangrove forests. Las Baulas has constantly been threatened by over development and real estate projects, which came to a stop when the government definitely stopped building sites inside the park borders. The park is essential to the conservation of the largest species of sea turtles, the Leatherback Sea Turtle, a giant that can grown in excess of 2 meters in length. The park can be visited by boat through the mangroves, or simply walking along the beaches. The largest part of the territory consists of ocean, and the land portion is a more narrow trip along the water. However, it has some sections that go deep inside land, protecting also the local tropical dry forests. Whether for the protection of the sea turtles, local land fauna or simply for the purpose of conserving the scenery, Las Baulas National Park has an essential importance.

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