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Costa Rica snorkeling tours

If you enjoy snorkeling, then we have some basic information and tips for snorkeling in Costa Rica. Snorkeling can be done in many of the local Costa Rica beaches. Costa Rica has two type of beaches, the long endless sandy beaches that stretch for miles and miles. These beaches are usually not suited for snorkeling, because of the lack of rocks or corals or reefs. However, there is the other type of beach, the beaches that are divided from each other by rocky pinnacles, reefs and rocks, and these beaches are ideal for snorkeling. There is an abundance of colorful coral fish, sea cucumbers, Murray Eels, rays, corals, octopus and many more creatures that inhabit in caves, rocks and corals. While tourists can book a snorkeling tour that takes them out to especially good places for snorkeling, like the Tortuga Island or Cano Island, Catalina Islands and other, people can also simply put on their gear and snorkel right off the beach. Some well know regions for snorkeling are the South Caribbean ( from Cahuita to Manzanillo ) which is ranked as number 1 destination for snorkelers. Other good areas are the entire province of Guanacaste, Manuel Antonio, the Cano Island and beaches in the South Pacific.

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