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Welcome to the start of your journey to Costa Rica. Learn more about the beautiful country, its national parks, volcanoes, general info and advice on traveling in Costa Rica, where to go, when to visit, what to do, how to move around, where to stay and much more.

Multicolored beaches, shady and deserted, crystal blue waters, lush tropical forest, curious and wild flora and fauna, splendid and virgin uncontaminated National Parks, impetuous streams and charming rivers, virgin forests and spectacular volcanoes all within a touch of safe adventure: these are the extraordinary ingredients of the fabulous cocktail named Costa Rica. Or as our Costa Rica Chamber of Tourism says...Costa Rica, No Artificial Ingredients. Costa Rica represents a destination unique in the world, capable of offering, in the smallest geography territory known, the greatest amount of riches no other country has. There are many different climates and landscapes to be seen in only a few hours, Tropical Rain Forest in the Caribbean, Tropical Dry Forest in the North and Central Pacific Coast, South Pacific Tropical Rain Forest in the South Pacific, Paramo and High Mountain Cloud Forest in the Central Mountain Range that splits the country in two, bizarre Volcanic scenes and Central Valley and Sub Mountainous Forest in the Central Valley. Rivers and estuaries, swamps and Mangroves, the Pacific only four hours from the Caribbean... the attractions are simply immense. Very few are the countries in the planet that were capable to undertake the precious actions as Costa Rica did, aimed at preserving the invaluable treasure of its natural resources.

The wide biodiversity, typical of the Costa Rica Territory, also affects the people... In fact, people of different colors and credos live together- here - in total reciprocal respect. Such an evident tolerant inclination in the nature of Costa Ricans has turned him into an amiable, spontaneous and obliging person, friendly and self-assured, gifted with a strong national pride...Smiles are sincere in Costa Rica and a special cordiality radiates from people's faces, so difficult to be found in other places of the world. Costa Rica is also one of the oldest Democracies of America enjoying today such political stability that earned the country the Name " The Switzerland of the Americas "Peace and perpetual neutrality are based on courageous convictions, to the extent that the country has no army, that being prohibited by its constitution.


Costa Rica is famous for its many active volcanoes. Some dormant volcanoes are highly popular also.


A country where nature is abundant, giving, rich and diverse... Ecotourism has been the palatform on which the entire travel and hotel industry has developed


Costa Rica is defintely a tropical country, with strong defined seasons. The rainy seasons and the dry season.

Educational travel

Ideal itineraries specially designed for students and university, college and high school groups.

Sea turtles

Both the Caribbean and the Pacific are famous for many species of sea turtles that come ashore for nesting

Whitewater rafting

With powerful rivers, amazing white water rapids and exciting adventures on rivers, Costa Rica is definitely a white water rafting Paradise.

Scuba diving

Scuba dive around the Murcielago Islands, the Catalina Islands or even Cocos Island. Constant weather all year round.


Sport fishing enthusiasts will find the catch of their lifetime in Costa Rica, both along the Caribbean and the Pacific.


Pristine beaches, secluded bays, gorgeous bays and unparalleled surfing is another treasure the country offers.

Country FACTS

A small country located in Central America has been able to attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.


Learn more about the past of Costa Rica.


Find yourself around, especially if you are traveling in a rental car. Google Maps is the best map software available.

National Parks

More than 30 % of the country is protected. Tropical rainforests, misty cloud forests, wetlands, tropical dry forests and much more.


With over 850 species of birds, Costa Rica is a preferred birding destination. Go from lowlands to highlands within hours, explore wetlands,

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