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You can read any of the following blogs and articles to learn more about where to go, what to do, where to stay or answer other questions you might have. Our company tries to satisfy the client even before actually starting the trip to Costa Rica. Articles include destinations, parks, tours, and general information.

Drake Bay visit

A brief description of the amazing and beautiful region around Drake Bay, in the Osa Peninsula, along the South Pacific of Costa Rica. This destination offers abundant nature, wildlife, friendly people and vast and overwhelming nature experiences. Drake Bay is located far away from civilization, but it is highly recommended for nature lovers.

Cocos Island

Cocos Island is a small island located in the Pacific Ocean about 300 miles off the coast of Costa Rica. The island is one of the best dive sites in the world, with spectacular schools of sharks, rays, fish, and countless species of marine flora and fauna some endangered.

Arenal Volcano

A brief but comprehensive description about the area of La Fortuna, a little town and community which is highly visited and the Arenal Volcano, located right next to the town. Learn a bit about this area and see if you should visit this destinati

Where is Costa Rica

Where is Costa Rica is one of the most popular and frequently asked questions many visitors and travelers make when showing interest in visiting the country. Our comprehensive map and brief description will tell you exactly where Costa Rica, and how convenient it is located.

Where to go

Costa Rica has so many attractions, highlights and nature destinations that it can become difficult to decide where to go. First, set your expectations and priorities straight and go from there, filter options and get an accurate idea… read more in our blog.

What to do

Coming to Costa Rica but not really sure about what to do here in Costa Rica ? There is plenty to do here … Half day trips and full day excursions, museums, national parks, beaches, trips to volcanoes, horseback riding through rainforests, relaxing in volcanic hot water springs…

When to visit

Costa Rica can be visited all year round. The best months if you are looking for sunny weather and beautiful skies is the dry seasons, but the rainy seasons has some serious advantages as well… read more in our blog…

All inclusive vacations

Worry free and stress free vacations ? Traveling with your children and you want them to have fun but you also need some serious rest ? Stay at an all inclusive beach resort. Rejuvenate completely, relax, enjoy the nature, sit by the pool, go on a tour…

Top beaches

Costa Rica`s beaches are definitely world class. Secluded and unspoiled beaches, virgin coves, little bays, hidden bays, white sand beaches, pink sanded and black sanded beaches, surfing, … This is the top 10 of Costa Rica`s beaches.

Best adventure destinations

Looking for some adventure ? Get ready for amazing trips and tours including white water rafting, canoeing, rappelling, trekking and hiking, zip lines and canopy rides and so much more.

Top nature destinations

Your are super fond of nature, but don`t know where to go ? I hope our short guide will help you out a little bit. The most amazing rainforests, nature reserves, national parks, beaches, valleys mountain s and volcanoes of Costa Rica.


Choose from private minivan, shuttle, local airline transportation and rental cars. Moving around Costa Rica is easy and fun, explore the beauty of the country.

Security and safety

Costa Rica is a safe country, with a well trained police force and lots of policemen all over Costa Rica. Use your common sense to avoid some situations.


The people in Costa Rica are called the Ticos, friendly, peaceful and helpful people that are more than willing to welcome you in their country.

Active volcanoes

There are many active volcanoes ion Costa Rica, from the Rincon de la Vieja, Poas, Turrialba, Miravalles and the famous Arenal Volcano.

Shark species

There are sharks in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has two coasts where local shark species live. Learn a bit more if you worry about this topic.


The giant American Crocodile is among the two largest species of crocodiles in the world. Visit places where you can see plenty of them here in Costa Rica.

Best scuba diving

Where is the best scuba diving in Costa Rica. Explore the Cocos Island, Isla del Cano Island, Murcielago Islands and the Catalinas Islands.

Sea turtles

Enjoy the natural spectacle of the mighty sea turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs. Enjoy Tortuguero, Ostional, Nancite and many other beaches.

Whale watching

Get ready for watching these might mammals come close to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Groups of humpback whales come every year.

Tropical rainforests

Fantastic national parks and dense tropical rainforests, cloud forests and tropical sdry forests are habitat to thousands of species.


What kind of animals can I see when I visit Costa Rica ? Learn a bit more about this important and frequently asked topic.

Top beach hotels

With two long coastlines along the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, Costa Rica has become famous for its beautiful beaches and beautiful beach hotels, from luxury resorts to boutique hotels.

Best rainforest hotels

Visit the amazing tropical jungles and evergreen tropical rainforest and stay in one of the best rainforest lodges located all over Costa Rica. Find the best one for you !

Best domestic airline

Flying is a preferred transportation option for people traveling long distances or people that wish to save time… Find out more about the two best domestic airlines in Costa Rica.

Custom travel

We offer the client real and 100 % custom designed travel services, with packages and vacation plans created according to the expectations of each client

La Cangreja

This small national park located in Puriscal is yet another destination we highly recommend visiting

Santa Rosa National Park

Santa Rosa National Park, Santa Elena Peninsula and Murcielago Islands are all part of the impressive Guanacaste National Park

Sirena, Los Patos, Carate

The most fantastic adventure trail awaits you when crossing the Corcovado National Park from Los Patos to Sirena and exiting at La Leona

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