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The Limon province is divided into the North Caribbean and the South Caribbean. North Caribbean comprises the Caribbean coast and goes from the San Juan River to Limón city. Limón city is the touristic center of this Corridor, simultaneously working as an accommodation, stop over, distribution and touring center. Green turtle’s nesting on Tortuguero National Park and bass ‘s, shad’s and other species’ sport fishing at Barra del Colorado National Wild Life Refugee represent the main attraction of the region. It is complimented with the river channel’s system, which connects Moin Port with Barra del Colorado, and has become a singular attraction and the only way of transportation. Nature-based products get rewarded, specially fauna observation, therefore is a world-known site for bird and turtle’s watching

BARRA DEL COLORADO BEACH - Long and open, the northern Caribbean coast is characterized by strong surf and dangerous currents for swimming. However, its main attraction consists of the canals that run parallel to the beach, with natural landscapes and abundant animal species observable on tours. Delimited on the north by the mouth of the Río Colorado and on the south by an estuary, Barra del Colorado beach is suitable for hiking, nature- and wildlife-watching, fishing and contemplating the sea. Boat trips may be taken through the highly interesting and naturally scenic canals and lagoons in the area. The village of Colorado is a peaceful fishing and farming community divided in two by a landing strip.

TORTUGUERO–COLORADO CANALS - Due to its geologic origins, the region containing the Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge and Tortuguero National Park forms an extensive floodplain made up of highly scenic, interconnected canals, waterways and lagoons. One of the rainiest areas in the country (5,000 to 6,000 millimeters per year), this region is rich in biodiversity. These factors allow visitors to this extensive network of waterways the opportunity to tour and explore this marvelous world—unique for its peacefulness and natural luxuriance—by boat, canoe or kayak. It is a truly relaxing experience to tour the canals and take in the exquisite green of the incredible tropical vegetation, reflected in liquid mirrors everywhere. One such looking glass is Caño Palma, which links Penitencia Lagoon in Tortuguero with Samay Lagoon in Barra del Colorado. This stunningly beautiful canal is named after the abundance of yolillo palms found all around.

The South Caribbean Coast - ( Puerto Viejo, Cahuita and Manzanillo ) This unit goes from Limon to the Panama border, Limon is the primary tourist center as well as an scaling and distribution center. The region shows a country-unique combination of beaches, natural resources and afro American culture in Cahuíta, Puerto Viejo and Gandoca Manzanillo.Limon’s development is quite different from the rest of the Caribbean Island, which gives it an special potential to distinguish Costa Rican products. High quality beaches allows adventure and natural history activities which definitely compliment with culture, gastronomy and music. Stand out the reefs, multicolor-sanded beaches (from black to yellow and gray), coastal vegetation and medium-high forest. Cahuíta National Park and Gandoca Manzanillo Reserve are worldwide recognized, not only because of their natural beauty but because they are becoming unique conservation places in almost the whole Caribbean.

CAHUITA - Home to a mix of cultures, this community features varied local and international cuisine and all kinds of facilities for touring the National Park located here. Companies offer tours to the reef and to other parts of Talamanca and the surrounding area. Places for enjoying music are also available.

PUERTO VIEJO - Like Cahuita, the town of Puerto Viejo offers many facilities to ensure an enjoyable visit. Lodging and travel companies and a tour guide association offer trips to other areas of Talamanca. There are also excellent restaurants featuring local and international cuisine, as well as varied nightlife offering traditional music and dancing from the Costa Rican Caribbean

MANZANILLO - This golden-sand beach stretches north some 3.5 kilometers from the town of Manzanillo to Punta Uva. It has moderate to strong surf, an irregular, curved shape, and plentiful coastal vegetation, particularly palms. Ideal for walking, horseback riding, sunbathing and swimming, this beach also offers diving in several areas in front of the town and near Punta Manzanillo. The 12-kilometer road that connects all the beaches south of Puerto Viejo ends in the town of Manzanillo, which offers numerous services including diving gear rental and dolphin-watching and dive tours.

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